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The less formidable the work, the more you’ll enjoy doing it.

O BOX 257, NIMA-ACCRA, GHANA 12TH DADEBAN ROAD, ACCRA, NORTH GHANA, 00233, WEST AFRICA 441 street, Accra, Ghana, 0233 Kanda Highway St., Accra, Ghana P. Box nt 296, Accra, Ghana, 00233 Kakalika St., Accra, Ghana, 00233 Kofi Annan str. Does the idea of taking your whole meal in one massive bite sound repulsive? The only thing that stops us from getting sucked into a task is not doing it, so do it now!We usually agonize over the fact that we are being lazy, yet continue to procrastinate for hours.It becomes difficult to get out of this condition unless we force ourselves to take action, which is, admittedly, the most difficult part.

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