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Both Vrčević and Popović were steadily and uselfishly involved in the gathering of the ethnographic, folklore and lexical material for Karadžić.

Later, other collaborators joined Karadžić, including Milan Đ. The majority of Karadžić's works were banned from publishing in Serbia and Austria during the rule of Prince Miloš Obrenović.

Karadžić was fortunate to be a relative of Jevta Savić Čotrić, the only literate person in the area at the time, who taught him how to read and write.

Karadžić continued his education in the Tronoša Monastery in Loznica.

In Montenegro, however, Njegoš's printing press operated without the archaic letter known as the "hard sign".

Since most of the time while in the monastery Karadžić was forced to pasture the livestock instead of studying, his father brought him back home.

He was also the author of the first Serbian dictionary in his new reformed language.

In addition, he translated the New Testament into the reformed form of the Serbian spelling and language.

He was well known abroad and familiar to Jacob Grimm, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and historian Leopold von Ranke.

Vuk was the primary source for Ranke's Serbische Revoluzion ("Serbian Revolution"), written in 1829.

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