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"Pharaonism" rose to political prominence in the 1920s and 1930s during the British occupation, as Egypt developed separately from the Arab world.

A segment of the most Westernized upper class argued that Egypt was part of a Mediterranean civilization.

Its varying colors and changing water levels signal the coming and going of the Nile flood that sets the rhythm of farming in a rainless country and holds the attention of all Egyptians.

No Egyptian is ever far from his river and, except for the Alexandrines whose personality is split by looking outward toward the Mediterranean, the Egyptians are a hinterland people with little appetite for travel, even inside their own country.

This ideology largely developed out of the country's lengthy pre-Islamic history, the relative isolation of the Nile Valley and the mostly homogeneous ethnicity of the inhabitants.

One of Pharaonism's most notable advocates was Taha Hussein who remarked "Pharaonism is deeply rooted in the spirits of the Egyptians.

After Egyptians gained their independence from Great Britain, other forms of nationalism developed, including secular Arab nationalism as well as Islamism.Their characteristic rootedness as Egyptians, commonly explained as the result of centuries as a farming people clinging to the banks of the Nile, is reflected in sights, sounds and atmosphere that are meaningful to all Egyptians.Dominating the intangible pull of Egypt is the ever present Nile, which is more than a constant backdrop.Egyptian emigration today is motivated by even higher rates of unemployment, population growth and increasing prices.Political repression and human rights violations by Egypt's ruling régime are other contributing factors (see Egypt § Human rights).

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A large influx of fellahin into urban cities, and rapid urbanization of many rural areas since the early 20th century, have shifted the balance between the number of urban and rural citizens.

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