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A group of police officers including a female cop from Connecticut have been placed on administrative after they were caught on video roughing up an 18-year-old man during an arrest and then threatening his mother who was filming the violence. 'The mother is then seen walking around behind the officers shouting 'Why is she f***ing my son up? 'Officer Arroyo glances back at the woman before threatening her 'Get back or you're next.'In the 45 second video clip, Arroyo punches Kearney at least ten times.'Record me ma! ' her son yells back, encouraging his mother to capture the entire beating on film. I don't know if there were broken bones, but it looked severe that day,' said family friend Joe Grits to NBC.Video, shot by 18-year-old Aaron Kearney's mother clearly shows the officers surrounding the teen and forcing him face down onto the hood of a car before punching his face at least ten times. Grits claims the officers used excessive force and pulled the teen's hair.AWS also announced a new machine-learning training system called Sage Maker, designed to make it easier for customers interested in using machine learning within their applications to get sophisticated models up and running.Customers can train their own models based on various criteria, or they can pick from models prebuilt by AWS.

Kearney's family said he's a good teen, was captain of his high school football team and has never been in trouble before.

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Whatever the name of the sites, they weren’t great, at least not by today’s standards.

The video connection was lagging at best and the design and features…well let’s just say the idea behind it was great, everything else…not so much.

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